I really enjoy taking pictures and filming my cats. Using the footage to create stupid gifs is a great way to procrastinate. Looking at them is kinda hillarious. They are dump, but you just can’t look away.

I was inspired by this tutorial. His footage is really silly, but apart from that the tutorial is great!


Cats, puberty and inner rage

It’s commonly known, that I’m crazy about cats. I’ve always been and I love my little monsters with all my heart, but there are those moments in life, when I just want to throw them against a wall or give them to the nearest cat shelter.

Luna recently hit puberty, which means she decides to ignore every rule ever made. And when she gets caught she’ll glare at you almost bored before she moves her little butt out of the kitchen in the slowest pace possible. She’ll knock over the trash and walk first in the wet shower and then into the litterbox. The cat litter will haunt you at night in your bed, when she once again used your blanket to clean her paws.

Amy on the other hand is still our stubborn little monster. Every couple of weeks she’ll pee on You’ll never know when or where she’ll strike again. It might happen, when there’s too much going on and she just wants to cuddle. Or it’s just so comfy or intesting at the moment and the cat litter is so “far” away… Anyway – after such an incident we’ll put her in the cat litter and that’s actually it. I’ll swallow my anger and wash the blanket, want her to go to hell for 2 min, until I look in her pretty, innocent face and start to melt.

Amy doing what she does best

To all the little trouble makers out there – thank your genes, that made you so irresistable!

Vintgar Gorge – Slovenia

How to get there
Take the bus from Ljubjana to Bled(6,30€), after that the 4 km way to Vintgar is well-signposted. The way there is uphill, so in case you rent a bike the way back is splendid.
Keep in mind, that most of the people go to the gorge by bus, so try to go right after the gorge opens(8 am, the busses start arriving at 9 am) or in the late afternoon. We arrived at 4 pm and saw just one tour group on their way back. If you want to take pictures, keep in mind, that the gorge blockes the sun before it sets.
Entrance fee is 3€ for adults.

About Vintgar Gorge

The trail consists of galleries, path and wooden bridges in the rock. At the end of the path is a waterfall. I`d defenetly recommend going to Vintgar Gorge. There are also a number of cairns near the water – why not collect some stones and add another one?

Pyrography: bookmarks

This is my first attempt in using pyrography. I did theses two bookmarks back in December 2013 as christmas presents.

I used radom untreated wooden bookmarks, I bought at amazon. They were actually of a pretty bad quality, and far too thick to be used as a proper bookmark.

Inspired by this deviation: