Picture frame collage(easy)

For this project I used 9 cheap small wooden low-quality frames from s.th. like the dollar store in the US.(in Germany tedi) After arranging them, I glued them together with white acrylic filler, smoothed it down and let it dry. Then I added a coat of white wall paint and a coat of varnish.

At this point you’ll find out, that the frames suck and they are not identical, so have fun figuring out which glass plate and back belongs to which frame. Get a bunch of pictures and cut them to the right size, cause they will not fit otherwise. So much for the math.

Anyway, I like how it turned out, though I didn’t figure out how to hang it on a wall, yet.


  • 9 wooden frames(dollar store): 9€
  • Acrylic filler(DIY superstore): 300ml~4€
  • White wall paint(DIY superstore): 1L~4€
  • transparent waterbased acrylic varnish(DIY superstore): 375ml~10€

Keep in mind, that you might use the materials for other projects, so if you plan to do polymer clay any time soon, buy a varnish, that’s “suitable for toys” or non-toxic. Acrylic filler often comes in cartriges. For those you need a cartrige caulking gun. Well if you plan to move out soon it’s a good investment, because it makes filling holes in stone walls a lot easier! I used it in the first place, because it’s flexible to some extend and it was the only suitible glue-like substance lying around.


Felting cat toys(easy)

I got a bale of untreated brown wool for christmas and a big chunk of olive oil soap, I’ll now use it to felt a ball filled with 3 bells in a table tennis ball.

Cut the table tennis ball with a knife until you can get the bells inside. You don’t want any water inside the ball and it stinks pretty bad inside, so seal it with a glue gun or some tape. Now get your workspace ready.

Fill a container with hot water and add a couple of soap flakes. You should be able to fit the whole ball inside the container. 15 g of the wool need to be in one string, the rest in 4-5 shorter flakes. Get a waterproof surface and a towl in case you make a mess.

Now wrap the wool string around the table tennis ball and soak it in the container, until the bubbles stop rising. Then add the short wool flakes. It should have the shape of a round ball 😉 Soak it again and move it in your hands gently until you can’t pick any fibres out of the fabric.

Add pressure and the ball will get firmer. Wash the soap out and let it dry on a towel.


  • 1 table tennis ball
  • knife
  • 3 small bells
  • glue gun or tape
  • soap
  • 18g untreated wool for felting
  • hot water
  • a towel
  • a waterproof surface(a big plate will be sufficent)
  • and you might want to put cream on your hands afterwards

Cat videos

Since I put together another cat video yesterday, it’s time to share all of them. It’s actually a way of storing my cat footage and showing them to friends, so it’s not ment to be perfect. I’m aware, that it might be better to shorten it, but I don’t care, since I love watching my cats all day!