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Sleepy cats Vol. I

Right now I’m trying to tame the stacks of pictures piling up in my external hard disk drive and I want to share some of the cuteness. Never forget the beauty of the little things in life. Adopt a cat – they are awesome!


Felting cat toys(easy)

I got a bale of untreated brown wool for christmas and a big chunk of olive oil soap, I’ll now use it to felt a ball filled with 3 bells in a table tennis ball.

Cut the table tennis ball with a knife until you can get the bells inside. You don’t want any water inside the ball and it stinks pretty bad inside, so seal it with a glue gun or some tape. Now get your workspace ready.

Fill a container with hot water and add a couple of soap flakes. You should be able to fit the whole ball inside the container. 15 g of the wool need to be in one string, the rest in 4-5 shorter flakes. Get a waterproof surface and a towl in case you make a mess.

Now wrap the wool string around the table tennis ball and soak it in the container, until the bubbles stop rising. Then add the short wool flakes. It should have the shape of a round ball 😉 Soak it again and move it in your hands gently until you can’t pick any fibres out of the fabric.

Add pressure and the ball will get firmer. Wash the soap out and let it dry on a towel.


  • 1 table tennis ball
  • knife
  • 3 small bells
  • glue gun or tape
  • soap
  • 18g untreated wool for felting
  • hot water
  • a towel
  • a waterproof surface(a big plate will be sufficent)
  • and you might want to put cream on your hands afterwards

Cat videos

Since I put together another cat video yesterday, it’s time to share all of them. It’s actually a way of storing my cat footage and showing them to friends, so it’s not ment to be perfect. I’m aware, that it might be better to shorten it, but I don’t care, since I love watching my cats all day!

Cats, puberty and inner rage

It’s commonly known, that I’m crazy about cats. I’ve always been and I love my little monsters with all my heart, but there are those moments in life, when I just want to throw them against a wall or give them to the nearest cat shelter.

Luna recently hit puberty, which means she decides to ignore every rule ever made. And when she gets caught she’ll glare at you almost bored before she moves her little butt out of the kitchen in the slowest pace possible. She’ll knock over the trash and walk first in the wet shower and then into the litterbox. The cat litter will haunt you at night in your bed, when she once again used your blanket to clean her paws.

Amy on the other hand is still our stubborn little monster. Every couple of weeks she’ll pee on You’ll never know when or where she’ll strike again. It might happen, when there’s too much going on and she just wants to cuddle. Or it’s just so comfy or intesting at the moment and the cat litter is so “far” away… Anyway – after such an incident we’ll put her in the cat litter and that’s actually it. I’ll swallow my anger and wash the blanket, want her to go to hell for 2 min, until I look in her pretty, innocent face and start to melt.

Amy doing what she does best

To all the little trouble makers out there – thank your genes, that made you so irresistable!