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Vintgar Gorge – Slovenia

How to get there
Take the bus from Ljubjana to Bled(6,30€), after that the 4 km way to Vintgar is well-signposted. The way there is uphill, so in case you rent a bike the way back is splendid.
Keep in mind, that most of the people go to the gorge by bus, so try to go right after the gorge opens(8 am, the busses start arriving at 9 am) or in the late afternoon. We arrived at 4 pm and saw just one tour group on their way back. If you want to take pictures, keep in mind, that the gorge blockes the sun before it sets.
Entrance fee is 3€ for adults.

About Vintgar Gorge

The trail consists of galleries, path and wooden bridges in the rock. At the end of the path is a waterfall. I`d defenetly recommend going to Vintgar Gorge. There are also a number of cairns near the water – why not collect some stones and add another one?