Plushi: Ori and the blind forest

About a week ago I watched this video: and immediately fell in love with the artwork. And since I don’t have the patience to play a game I’ll suck at, I made this plushi while watching Day9’s let’s plays.


Honestly, I don’t think I does justice to the original. Anyway – I put wire in the antennas and the tail and I used fleece for little ori and the stuffing, because I started crafting it on a Sunday and couldn’t get fibers for stuffing.

I used the blanket stitch to attach the fleece parts, just like in this tutorial:


Patrick Rothfuss – reading, signing and q&a in Berlin

Yesterday I met one of my absolute favorite authors in real live. The bookstore Dussmann hosted Patrick Rothfuss in the building of the Humboldt University in Berlin. And although I usually heavily dislike German readings of English speaking authors, it was one of the better ones.

At the beginning Pat was able to show off his low voice by reading one page of his book “The slow regard of silent things”, a q&a session followed. Sadly the pacing was corrupted, because he had to be translated after every couple of sentences. Though on the other hand it was quite amusing to see Pat and the brave woman, who did the interview handle the situation. Pat seemed childishly curious, if he was completely translateable. The master of words striked again…

The questions asked where sorted out well, so at least we didn’t waste this precious time on listening to answers to tiring generic questions. After the fan q&a Pat Rothfuss took the time to sign anything handed, being very polite and relaxed. And 2 hours later the last bunch of lucky people, that didn’t have to work in the morning or just didn’t give a damn, were able to take pictures with him.

I went home grinning like a maniac.

Take a look at his blog over here:

and buy his book “the name of the wind” at your local bookstore, because …DFTBA.


Fleece is my cat’s favourite fabric, so I added another pillow to their collection of comfy places to sleep. Estimate the amount of black fabric you need for the front of the pillow and transfer design. Cut the parts, that are supposed to be orange. Now cut a piece of the orange fabric, that’s bigger than the design. Pin it to the back and  carefully sew both fleece parts together. Now cut 2 black pieces, that have about 2/3 of the length of the front. Sew them to the front inside out to get your pillowcase. Insert the filling and add a press button to fasten it. If this description was a bit confusing, just take a look at the pictures.


  • 2 different colored fleece fabrics(orange, black)
  • a paper template for your design
  • a piece of tailor’s chalk(just to tranfer your design to the fabric)
  • scissors
  • pillow filling
  • a press button
  • pins
  • yarn
  • a sewing machine(or a needle and patience)

Picture frame collage(easy)

For this project I used 9 cheap small wooden low-quality frames from like the dollar store in the US.(in Germany tedi) After arranging them, I glued them together with white acrylic filler, smoothed it down and let it dry. Then I added a coat of white wall paint and a coat of varnish.

At this point you’ll find out, that the frames suck and they are not identical, so have fun figuring out which glass plate and back belongs to which frame. Get a bunch of pictures and cut them to the right size, cause they will not fit otherwise. So much for the math.

Anyway, I like how it turned out, though I didn’t figure out how to hang it on a wall, yet.


  • 9 wooden frames(dollar store): 9€
  • Acrylic filler(DIY superstore): 300ml~4€
  • White wall paint(DIY superstore): 1L~4€
  • transparent waterbased acrylic varnish(DIY superstore): 375ml~10€

Keep in mind, that you might use the materials for other projects, so if you plan to do polymer clay any time soon, buy a varnish, that’s “suitable for toys” or non-toxic. Acrylic filler often comes in cartriges. For those you need a cartrige caulking gun. Well if you plan to move out soon it’s a good investment, because it makes filling holes in stone walls a lot easier! I used it in the first place, because it’s flexible to some extend and it was the only suitible glue-like substance lying around.