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Patrick Rothfuss – reading, signing and q&a in Berlin

Yesterday I met one of my absolute favorite authors in real live. The bookstore Dussmann hosted Patrick Rothfuss in the building of the Humboldt University in Berlin. And although I usually heavily dislike German readings of English speaking authors, it was one of the better ones.

At the beginning Pat was able to show off his low voice by reading one page of his book “The slow regard of silent things”, a q&a session followed. Sadly the pacing was corrupted, because he had to be translated after every couple of sentences. Though on the other hand it was quite amusing to see Pat and the brave woman, who did the interview handle the situation. Pat seemed childishly curious, if he was completely translateable. The master of words striked again…

The questions asked where sorted out well, so at least we didn’t waste this precious time on listening to answers to tiring generic questions. After the fan q&a Pat Rothfuss took the time to sign anything handed, being very polite and relaxed. And 2 hours later the last bunch of lucky people, that didn’t have to work in the morning or just didn’t give a damn, were able to take pictures with him.

I went home grinning like a maniac.

Take a look at his blog over here:


and buy his book “the name of the wind” at your local bookstore, because …DFTBA.