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Knot pillow

About a year ago I made a knot pillow for my cats. It’s a nice and easy project, that doesn’t involve sewing. You need fleece in two different colors and stuffing. Cut out two circles in two different sizes. They don’t have to be perfect, because you won’t see it later on. Now you need to cut about 5 cm into the circle. Since you want to knot one stripe of both fabrics together, you need the same amount of stripes on both circles.



Fleece is my cat’s favourite fabric, so I added another pillow to their collection of comfy places to sleep. Estimate the amount of black fabric you need for the front of the pillow and transfer design. Cut the parts, that are supposed to be orange. Now cut a piece of the orange fabric, that’s bigger than the design. Pin it to the back and  carefully sew both fleece parts together. Now cut 2 black pieces, that have about 2/3 of the length of the front. Sew them to the front inside out to get your pillowcase. Insert the filling and add a press button to fasten it. If this description was a bit confusing, just take a look at the pictures.


  • 2 different colored fleece fabrics(orange, black)
  • a paper template for your design
  • a piece of tailor’s chalk(just s.th. to tranfer your design to the fabric)
  • scissors
  • pillow filling
  • a press button
  • pins
  • yarn
  • a sewing machine(or a needle and patience)