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Knot pillow

About a year ago I made a knot pillow for my cats. It’s a nice and easy project, that doesn’t involve sewing. You need fleece in two different colors and stuffing. Cut out two circles in two different sizes. They don’t have to be perfect, because you won’t see it later on. Now you need to cut about 5 cm into the circle. Since you want to knot one stripe of both fabrics together, you need the same amount of stripes on both circles.


Plushi: anglerfish

This is the second plushie I created for a craft-along challenge. It turned out far better than  ori and my cats love to play with it. It’s already covered in cat hair and the fishing rod sticks out in a weird angle. I covered wire with several layers of fleece to create a flexable, cat-save fishing rod.

Picture frame collage(easy)

For this project I used 9 cheap small wooden low-quality frames from s.th. like the dollar store in the US.(in Germany tedi) After arranging them, I glued them together with white acrylic filler, smoothed it down and let it dry. Then I added a coat of white wall paint and a coat of varnish.

At this point you’ll find out, that the frames suck and they are not identical, so have fun figuring out which glass plate and back belongs to which frame. Get a bunch of pictures and cut them to the right size, cause they will not fit otherwise. So much for the math.

Anyway, I like how it turned out, though I didn’t figure out how to hang it on a wall, yet.


  • 9 wooden frames(dollar store): 9€
  • Acrylic filler(DIY superstore): 300ml~4€
  • White wall paint(DIY superstore): 1L~4€
  • transparent waterbased acrylic varnish(DIY superstore): 375ml~10€

Keep in mind, that you might use the materials for other projects, so if you plan to do polymer clay any time soon, buy a varnish, that’s “suitable for toys” or non-toxic. Acrylic filler often comes in cartriges. For those you need a cartrige caulking gun. Well if you plan to move out soon it’s a good investment, because it makes filling holes in stone walls a lot easier! I used it in the first place, because it’s flexible to some extend and it was the only suitible glue-like substance lying around.

Pyrography: bookmarks

This is my first attempt in using pyrography. I did theses two bookmarks back in December 2013 as christmas presents.

I used radom untreated wooden bookmarks, I bought at amazon. They were actually of a pretty bad quality, and far too thick to be used as a proper bookmark.

Inspired by this deviation:  http://kettlequill.deviantart.com/art/Totoro-Bookmark-432336631